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❧ That Wine Bastard ❧

A Community for Francis Bonnefoy

That Wine Bastard
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A Community Dedicated to Francis Bonnefoy of APH
that wine bastard.
Welcome to That Wine Bastard, a LiveJournal community dedicated to France; or, Francis Bonnefoy.

This is a place for absolutely anything relating to the character of France from Axis Powers Hetalia, including but not limited to: discussions, fanfiction, fanart, icons, screencaps, graphics, etc, that feature or include Francis Bonnefoy. All pairings are accepted here as long as France is involved, of course.

The same rules apply here that apply at the main hetalia community. That is to say, play nice and let's not spam it up. Posting etiquette for fanworks:

Character(s) or Pairing(s):

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layout is credit to novaless.
coloured manga image is credit to ramudaderuta.
aesthetics, anime, axis powers hetalia, badfriends trio, bastille day, beautiful men, beautiful women, beauty, being awesome once, bisexuality, covering-your-crotch-with-roses, disagreeing-with-america-and-england, escargot, franada, france, france/america, france/canada, france/everyone, france/everything, france/greece, france/his hand, france/japan, france/prussia, france/prussia/spain, france/russia, france/seychelles, france/spain, france/uk, francis bonnefoy, fruk, gorges du tarn, hetalia, himaruya hidekaz, manga, manlove, nakedness, not concealing that garbage, roses, slash, that wine bastard, wine, yaoi